Vidin Synagogue Restoration

As the Jewish new year sets in, we wanted to provide an uplifting update from Bulgaria’s northwestern corner. You may remember that the restoration of the historic Vidin Synagogue, built in 1894, began in late May 2021. A member of Sofia’s Jewish community visited Vidin today, Sept 26, 2022, and shared on social media a few very interesting images.

As Moritz Mashiah reports, the second floor of the restored building will be used by the Vidin Jewish community. An elevator is being installed, which will make the building wheelchair accessible. In the courtyard there will be separate structure used by Vidin’s tourist information center. The premises are being encompassed by a solid fortified concrete wall, whose entrance will include an arch with a large Star of David. As the official panel for the renovation project indicates, the completion date is set for 29 December 2022.

If some of the images inevitable remind you of Christo’s art installations, his hometown of Gabrovo is located some 300 km southeast of Vidin.

Images: Moritz Mashiah

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