Western Balkans Trip Featured in International Travel News

The highly regarded magazine International Travel News (ITN) highlighted our trip to the Western Balkans in its October 2018 issue. Our Jewish heritage trip to Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Trieste includes quite a few destinations. ITN mentioned the Sarajevo Jewish museum, housed in the 16th-century Sephardic synagogue, the Sarajevo Ashkenazi synagogue, the Radimlja necropolis outside of Mostar, the 16th-century Dubrovnik synagogue, the Trogir Cathedral, the fascinating port city of Split, rich with Jewish heritage, the Roman ruins in Zadar, the spectacular Plitvice Lakes, Slovenia’s lake Bled and the nearby Bled castle, the Postojna cave, and the Italian city of Trieste.

Learn more about our annual Jewish heritage tour of Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Trieste.

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